This last section is entitled “Dreaming” because that’s exactly what this is! I’m dreaming, our staff is dreaming, our elders are dreaming, and I’m inviting you, Redemption, to dream with us! Here’s two things I’m putting before myself when I go into a daydream...

  1. I imagine being in the crowd of the earliest disciples who were eyewitnesses to the resurrected Lord Jesus. Do it. Close your eyes and imagine. Paul says that Jesus appeared to crowds of over 500 people at once. Put yourself in that crowd. Jesus walks out into the city, you’ve seen him before, you know it’s him! Maybe you even were present on Good Friday and witnessed what he endured. Now... there he is! Standing! Smiling! Singing! Dancing! He’s embracing his friends and talking to strangers and his belly laugh can be heard blocks away! He’s got a fish sandwich in his hand and has the most endearing tone in his voice. He is alive forevermore! He defeated Satan and demons, and death! He has literally accomplished all that he and the Father intended! If you’re there in the crowd, perhaps he makes his way over to you and looks at you with a familiar look, calls you by name, hugs your neck, kisses your cheek, and says, “I love you so much. Go live!!!” My goodness. How would you respond?! What would you do? How would you pray? Who would you serve? What would you say? Who would you tell the good news to? What would you give? How would you respond? What would you say? Who would you tell the good news to? What would you give? How would you respond? Brothers and sisters, I want you think about your neighbors, coworkers, friends, and family members who have yet to experience the love and grace of God. How might you play a role in them getting to “taste and see that the Lord is good?” You could begin by simply praying for them. Beyond that, perhaps you could challenge yourself to share the good news of Jesus?

  2. Imagine if money wasn’t even a challenge. God owns everything. Let’s think like it, talk like it, believe like it.

What if we got a building somewhere in our city that is strategically located to serve the needs of our church and our community? What if inside that building we:

  • Were able to host theology courses for our Northwest Center for Theology and Mission (launching this fall, accredited through Western Seminary and Covenant Seminary)

  • Hosted events to equip pastors and lay leaders through the City to City Network

  • Had great space for Redemption Kids to have safe, clean, warm classrooms to do Sunday school in

  • Could house a small preschool program

  • Had some sort of indoor play space for little ones during the rainy winter months

  • Counseling offices

  • A worship space conducive to the kind of music and art we create

  • Had classrooms in which we could host job trainings and networking events

  • Could run after school mentoring/tutoring

  • Sunday morning breakfast for our unhoused neighbors

  • Mercy ministry that works closely with Aurora Commons, Mary’s Place, and others


What if we began dreaming about becoming a church planting church? What if we saw ourselves as a sending church? Perhaps God would send us church planters that we could train up to plant in other neighborhoods in and our city?

Closing Thoughts

Redemption family, I love you. I pray for you. I think about you constantly. You’re in my mind, on my heart, and always in my prayers. Replanting ourselves to effectively engage our city and serve one another well is going to be a work of the Holy Spirit in us and through us. It’s not about a man, a band, a brand, or anything else. Our church is responding to God and the gospel as we strive to remain faithfully present to God, Self, and Others.



P.A. Early
Lead Pastor | Redemption Church Seattle, WA