Racial Reconciliation

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Our current cultural moment surrounding racial and systemic injustice demands the attention, repentance, and actions of many citizens of the United States; especially those who belong to the Church of Jesus Christ. Here at Redemption Church, we believe that every human being is made in the image and likeness of God and is worthy of love, dignity, and respect without any qualifications. It is our calling and responsibility to embrace God’s beautiful design in creating such diversity amongst the human race and to do so joyfully from the heart.


Many people throughout our nation’s history have claimed both the name of Christ and simultaneously participated in grievous racism. We recognize this, mourn this, and are repenting. Our desire is to walk in the light and seek the welfare of the city which implies that we seek the wellbeing of every human being.


We stand with our Black brothers and sisters in complete solidarity. We are committed to learning, listening, and leveraging our time and resources in favor of seeing the beautiful ministry of reconciliation occur here in Seattle. 



Our Response 


In our young church plant, we will respond to and steward the opportunity to integrate a healthy and biblically sound view and respect for human beings, looking to Jesus, through Scripture and other selected resources, with a heart of unity, humility, and a willingness to learn. As we are invited into conversations with one another in the coming weeks, this is not a time of division, or of shame or guilt; as a church body, we are looking towards change and wanting to grow together.


In addition to partnering with Mary’s Place and Aurora Commons, we are going to grow in our own understanding about Scripture and culture. We are going to begin by changing directions in the pulpit. 

(1) Vision

First, we will take three weeks to recenter ourselves on our vision of being Faithfully Present to God, Self and Others. This will lay the foundation for what follows as we grow as disciples of Jesus. 

(2) My Neighbor: Race, Justice, and the Image of God Series

Following the vision series, we are going to take seven weeks with our series entitled My Neighbor: Race, Justice, and the Image of God to journey through the seven genres of Scripture, each speaking to issues surrounding the image of God, racial reconciliation, showing mercy, and practicing justice in the city. It is important to show this from each genre of Scripture, lest we consider it a secondary or tertiary issue. 


(3) Life Groups

In addition to the sermons, our Life Groups will have discussions that directly relate to the sermon topic.

(4) Co-Ed Book Study

Additionally, we will begin multiple co-ed book studies that will run several times a week online during quarantine. We will be covering Jemar Tisby’s The Color of Compromise: The Truth about the American Church’s Complicity in Racism.

(5) Leonce and Breanna Crump 

We plan to have Pastor Leonce Crump from Atlanta out very soon. He will serve our church well in a number of ways in the days to come, being that he is an extremely gifted leader in guiding men and women to think and live according to Scripture on issues surrounding race, ethnicity, and justice. Not only is his expertise derived from his education but also his own unique ethnic experience adds a lifetime of wisdom to the conversation. He loves Redemption and will make a tremendous impact on us.


Please continue to join the leaders of Redemption in prayer as we seek to best love and serve our city in the wonderful name of Jesus. 



In love,


The Redemption Church Elders and Staff

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