Small Groups

Small Groups Overview
Summer Sessions 2021


Gather, Share & Pray I

Shoreline/Online: Wednesday at 6:30 PM
Facilitator: Mark Dunford (


An ongoing group! No bells and whistles; we will be gathering together each week to share our lives and to pray for one another.


Backyard Hang

Rotating Location: Weekend Evening (exact weekly day and time TBD)
Facilitators: Corrin & Mike Bauer
( ;


A weekly backyard hang (rotating backyards among group members), with drinks and snacks (maybe some s'mores), chatting about life, or the sermon, or a book, if that's what folks prefer. Kids can play in the backyard.

Adventure Club

Greater Seattle Area: Wednesday Mid-Morning (exact time TBD) Facilitators: Buggy Castro & Ashlee O’Malley ( ;


We are a group of moms striving to meet once a week and adventure together with our littles! This can be anything from exploring the great outdoors to visiting a museum, to adventuring on public transit in the city. We hope this group will encourage us to get outside in nature by having adventure buddies to explore with and to build connections with other families!


Gather, Share & Pray II

Seattle (Greenwood - Dorn’s House!): Tuesday at 6:30 PM Facilitator: Greg Bekken (

An ongoing group! No bells and whistles; we will be gathering together each week to share our lives and to pray for one another.

Rotating Dinners

Rotating Location (Seattle, West Seattle, Monroe, etc.): Wednesday at 6:00 PM Facilitators: Kirk Castro & Ashlee O’Malley (;

Cooking/having dinner together, intentional time of being present with one another (possibly going through a book or something), prayer and occasionally hanging out at the race track. :)


Loop Joggers

Discovery Park, Seattle: Thursday at 8:00 AM Facilitator: Alex Early (

Looking to jog the loop trail (3 miles, slow pace - roughly 5.5mph). Stop 15 minutes in on the bluff, do push-ups, sit-ups, planks. Then take a few minutes to check in, share life, be present to God together, pray. Then round out the second half of running. Est time: roughly 75 min total.


Seattle Trailheads: Wednesday Evening (exact time TBD) Facilitator: Bryon Scharenberg (

Calling all mountain bikers! Would like to gather people under the banner of shared interest for weekly riding community. Core gathering of the group would be a weekly ride. Additionally, would like to afterwards propose an additional night/day to do something that supports advocacy for community we care about. Ride what you can, say no to what you can't. Ask for help when you need it, advice on how to get better. Encouraging each other in the process. Plan is to ride for 1-1.5 hours, then spend 30-45 in community; meet someone new, talk about the trails, or talk about life.

Pup Play Community

Seattle (Wedgewood area – Lacey’s House!): Tuesday at 7:00/7:30 PM Facilitators: Katie & Ben Lacey ( ;

Community building with pup play in the backyard! Depending on group size, possibly going for walks, meeting at Dahl Park or dog parks/beaches too. Open to anyone who has a dog or loves being around dogs. Dogs should be comfortable in group play setting. Would not be a good fit for any unspayed female dogs, as there is an unneutered male dog that is already committed to the group. Unless you want puppies!

Games & Outdoor Hangs

(Exact location, weekly day and time TBD)
Facilitator: Samantha Scharenberg

This group is for elementary/early middle school kids! Weekly gathering, with weeks rotating between playing games and outdoor adventure/hangs. Goal is to have the kids get to know each other, pray, share, encourage and be in the Word! Ages range from 1st-6th graders, and parents welcome to commune while kids gather. Hoping to involve the kids with taking turns planning and leading.

Fishing Group

Seattle Lakes: Wednesday at 6:30 PM
Facilitator: Bryce Covert

Kicking off a fishing group! To make it easy to join, around four weeks will be fishing some stocked lakes around Seattle, with one weekend day trip up into the Cascade Mountains for some trout creek fishing.