Small Groups

Our Small Groups are designed to intentionally gather people together around a variety of different topics, common interests and activities, all aimed toward practicing faithful presence to God, self and others. 

Aiming to be present to God, our groups are focused on reminding members of our identity in Him and the practical application of the Gospel in our lives. When meeting, we’re committed to being known in the group — sharing our true selves, and so our groups are marked by honesty, authenticity and vulnerability. Lastly, we love our city just as Jesus loves our city! God’s people were always intended to bless those around them — the nations, the cities, and our neighbors. Co-laboring together is also a way to be known. Serving others as a small group gives us the opportunity to love our city in practical, meaningful ways and to do so with those in which we find ourselves in community.

We break our year into three “windows” that are designed to give our groups time to lean into the natural rhythms of growth and rest, service and play. We currently have those set up as a spring window (13 weeks), a summer window (6 weeks), and a fall window (13 weeks).

Fall Window 2021


Gather, Share & Pray I

Online: Wednesday at 6:00 PM
Facilitator: Mark Dunford


An ongoing group! No bells and whistles; we will be gathering together each week to share our lives and to pray for one another.


Gather, Share, & Pray II

Brier, WA: Tuesday at 6:30 PM
Facilitators: Greg Bekken


An ongoing group! No bells and whistles; we will be gathering together each week to share our lives and to pray for one another.

Learn, Pray & Practice

Woodland Park, Seattle: Wednesday at 6:00 PM

Facilitators: TJ Werle

Life group focused on a book study and learning, growing, and praying together within community, possibly working through the first portion of Celebration of Discipline with cycles of learning, practicing, and reflecting on the disciplines. Would be very available to having families or children in the group and adapting topic or study to actively include kids too rather then giving them a separate space. Since this is over dinner, food will be provided!

Fiction Book Club

Seattle (Possible Rotating Location): Wednesday at 7:00 PM

Facilitator: Kristin Karpack

Every novel, whether it intends to or not, says something about God. The time-honored pattern of tales we hear over and over again, of redemption, sacrifice, and victory, are all just riffs on the original Story, and I think it's the most morally ambiguous characters who lead us to the keenest insights about the character of God and of ourselves. I’d like to host a gathering for lovers of fiction - to both read a handful of novels together and to discuss other things we’re reading. A possible setup would be reading 1 book every other week, and general discussion on alternating weeks. Any kid old enough to read (or have read to them) the chosen books is also happily invited!


Loop Joggers

Discovery Park, Seattle: Thursday at 8:00 AM

Facilitator: Alex Early 

Looking to jog the loop trail (3 miles, slow pace - roughly 5.5mph). Stop 15 minutes in on the bluff, do push-ups, sit-ups, planks. Then take a few minutes to check in, share life, be present to God together, pray. Then round out the second half of running. Est time: roughly 75 min total.

Secret Seattle

Seattle (Various Locations): Saturdays (Time TBD)

Facilitators: Katie & Ben Lacey 

We will be using local author/illustrator, Susanna Ryan's books "Seattle Walk Report" and "Secret Seattle" as our guide to exploring Seattle together on Saturdays this fall. Each week we will pick a new walking route or some offbeat, hidden city gems to explore together. Participants are encouraged to pick up a copy of her quirky, fun books and read up beforehand or just show up on Saturday for an urban adventure! There will be plenty of walking, food and beverage stops, fun fact sharing, and exploring of our great city together! (Dogs are also welcome!)

Sandwich Group

Seattle (Various Locations): Sundays, after service

Facilitator: Mark Dunford 

We're all about getting to know each other and share life together first and foremost, but we're planning on finding (and naturally, eating) the 13 best sandwiches in Seattle! All are welcome!

Women’s Bible Study

Crown Hill, Seattle: Wednesdays, 9:30-11:30 AM

Facilitator: Rachel Bryant

This is a women's Bible study through a book in the Old Testament (TBD). There will not be childcare provided—we hope you can make it!


Bollywood Dancercise

Shoreline, WA: Thursdays (time TBD)

Facilitator: Lisa Eichelberger

ALL are welcome! Come and shake off those cals and release those endorphins through the magic of Bollywood dance, outside at the Eichelberger house! No expertise necessary – just comfy clothes and belly laughs!