Truth & Beauty

During this time of quarantine, I (Alex Early) found myself wanting to explore some of the classics belonging to Church History. Some of them I’ve read; others I haven’t. I began with St. Augustine’s Confessions.


What I’m doing in this project that we’re calling Truth & Beauty is simply reading through the writings, marking one paragraph per book (there’s 13 books), reading it, and then will offer a very brief commentary / reflection / thought for the day over the next three weeks in order to provide a sort of theological/devotional supplement for our wonderful people of Redemption Church. Stay safe! Enjoy!

Jesus ran through the world

looking for you and me!

In the middle of Book Four, Augustine finally leans in and tells us the gospel and it is just beautiful!

 Augustine on the Power of a Praying Mother

Augustine has almost nothing to say about his own father and what he does say isn’t good. However, he speaks fondly of his mother and was humbled by God’s grace through her life shown to him.

Auggie on Confessing the Essence of his Sin

Auggie Opens the Confessions with Doxology

Here, Augustine opens arguably the greatest tome in Christian thought and theology with doxology on his lips and in his mind and heart.

Introducing St. Augustine + His Confessions

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